Jakar Tshechu

10th Nov 2024 - 12th Nov 2024

Celebrated at majestic Jakar Dzong also known as ‘Castle of the White Bird’, this Tshechu was instituted only in 1999 and includes several mask dances as well as variety of different folk songs and dances, from the region. The festival is organized by Jakar Dzong monastic community and scheduled from 7th day of the ninth month of Bhutanese calendar.

Though Jakar (Bumthang) plays host to several Tshechus (religious festivals) throughout the year, but Jakar Tshechu is singled out especially due to variety of mask dances conducted by monks which are developed according to precise instruction given by past Buddhist masters.
According to Buddhist philosophy, all experiences leave an imprint in the mind stream that produces a corresponding result in the future, and so viewing dances, such as these, that are imbued with sacred symbolism is considered to be a very auspicious and sanctifying experience.

The festival apart from their enduring religious significance also provides an opportunity for the locals to get together dressed in their finest clothes, to renew old friendships, to forge new alliances, have much merriment all against the backdrop of a colourful religious ceremony.

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