Thangbi Mani

17th Sep 2024 - 19th Sep 2024

Thangbi Lhakhang is one of the historically significant temples in Bumthang. It is situated in the north of Kurje at an altitude of 2730m and is surrounded by the beautiful village of Thangbi. The Lhakhang (temple) was built by the 4th Shamar Rimpoche called Chhoki Drakpa (the Red Hat Karmapa: 1453-1524)Thangbi Mani is a four – day festival which is a display of the rich tradition and celebrates the cultural heritage of this ancient Lhakhang. It is held annually from 14th to 17th of the eighth month of the Bhutanese calendar. The people from the three villages of Thangbi, Goling and Kharsath have been organizing the annual festival since its inception.

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