Art and Architecture

Bhutan’s architecture expresses the uniqueness and beauty in the simplest forms.

It displays a great sense of harmony with the environment and is designed to fulfill certain specific functions, secular or religious. Dzongs or fortresses that were built as far back as 17th century are still, to this day, not only functional but eye-catching too. The design of temples and monasteries can be traced back to Tibet with the incorporation of Bhutan’s innovative ideas. Bhutanese houses are distinctively grandeur and not a single nail is used in building it.

Bhutan’s architectural ingenuity is a unique creation, different from all others but at the same time maintaining a perfect unity of architectural style throughout the country. The splendid and beautiful features of the Bhutanese architecture must be credited to Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, known as the ‘father of unified Bhutan’.

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