Gifts and Shopping

You can pick up good-quality leather goods and carved wooden bowls called ‘dapas’ at Thimphu’s market. Traditional weaving is a popular local craft in Bhutan and you can buy anything from rugs, clothes, blankets and bags in all sorts of bright colors.

Forget pan pipes – it’s all about monastic chanting if you want to chill-out like the Bhutanese do. You can buy CDs direct from the monks at the very monasteries where they sing their spiritual stress-busters.

It’s better to buy local – some souvenirs are bought in from Thailand, India and Nepal, so make sure you know your original from your import.

How much does it cost?

• Local bottle of beer: 60p

• Road (bus ticket) for 178Km: £2.50 – £3.10

• Kilo of fruit: £1.85

• Hire a bike: £12.45

• Basic lunch per person: £1.85 – £2.50

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