The Company

World Tour Plan was established in 2013 by a team of true professionals with years of experience and capacity in the tourism and hospitality industry. Emblazoned with our mission of being ‘At its best for Travelers’ we endeavor to make each one of your visits a truly special one. Our tour packages are designed in such a way that through them, you get the real taste and treat of true Bhutan.

We also provide special interest trips that acquaint visitors with even the minutest details of this wonderland called Bhutan. Our trips are led by a team of professional guides certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. These guides are well equipped with all the skills, attitude, aptitude, and knowledge prerequisites of a tour guide as desired by their profession.

World Tour Plan also feels proud to mention that we have the experience and resources to cater to all your travel needs from booking flights to processing visas for individuals and large groups. Being able to serve you up to the mark here in Bhutan is not just a service component but a milestone in the life of the World Tour Plan.

We value the smiles and level of contentment of our clients as they bid farewell, reassuring them of future visits in more than a pecuniary matter. These are what inspire us to up our services a few notches higher towards perfection.

Visit through a World Tour Plan – to ensure the most beautiful experience of a lifetime.

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